TheSalesDeskCompany is committed to providing founder and staff training, with a view to measurable and repeatable results. We have designed a series of programs to support growth throughout the business lifecycle. We provide founder and staff training on how to engage and retain customers and maximize inbound and outbound sales activities, while using tools and metrics to measure success.


TheSalesDeskCompany satisfies key training sessions that provides founders and sales teams with a proper working understanding of sales and marketing fundamentals. We help refine the value proposition, and work with founders to determine the best way to communicate it to potential customers and partners. We help early stage companies understand what sales efforts are necessary to facilitate growth, and coach sales teams in best practises to facilitate efficient lead list building and the correct messaging for outreach campaigns.

We help incorporate sales and marketing tools that provide efficiency and value to a company’s pipeline, ensuring leads are organized and follow-ups are maintained to drive sales and marketing performance. These tools incorporate key analytics that allow for founders to see the growth and potential of their pipeline.

We offer coaching on several key marketing exercises that can help founders better understand their industry and competition. We help determine both traditional and digital marketing strategies that facilitate inbound lead generation while increasing and improving a company’s online reach. TheSalesDeskCompany can help implement marketing tools and strategies that can allow founders to understand important online analytics and help determine the best strategy to reach their customers through a variety of channels.