About Us

Our History

It is our belief that growth is impossible in isolation, so naturally the history of our offices are closely tied to the successes and lessons learned of our partners in the Ottawa technology and start-up community, Lead to Win, Carleton University, Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management program and the Sprott School of Business.

The original sales service was founded in 2008 to provide the Ottawa Technology start-up community with a cost effective means to growing sales and sales teams. Working in tandem with the Carleton University accelerator, Lead to Win, the Sales Desk and Founder Training programs were developed as means to increase sales for technology start-ups. Hiring representatives from the Sprott School of Business, the Sales Desk has experienced considerable success in Ottawa since October 2013 and has supported 100 start-ups and SME’s. In 2015 we became TheSalesDeskCompany.

The Sales Desk quickly gained attention as it was symbiotic in nature; leading to the growth of sales for start-ups, SME’s and the development of professional sales skills for business students. Looking to bring this experience to scale across Ontario.